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At Larson Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to providing personalized and transformative surgical solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our array of surgical and non-surgical procedures are designed to enhance and rejuvenate, allowing you to embark on a journey toward renewed confidence and beauty. Explore our diverse offerings below and discover how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with precision and care.

At Larson Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to providing personalized and transformative surgical solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our array of surgical and non-surgical procedures are designed to enhance and rejuvenate, allowing you to embark on a journey toward renewed confidence and beauty. Explore our diverse offerings below and discover how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with precision and care.


Facelift: You’ve tried all the creams and beauty treatments to reduce the visible signs of aging on your face and neck but still aren’t seeing the results you want. A facelift is a surgical procedure that has the power to help reverse the signs of aging by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and re-draping the face and neck skin. Facelifts may be performed alone or in conjunction with a brow lift, eyelid rejuvenation, facial fat transfer, chin implant, and/or laser resurfacing. Get the natural looking results that you’ve been searching for. Contact the office to learn more about our facelift procedure and the different kinds that we offer.

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  • SMAS Facelift: The SMAS is a deep fibromuscular layer that provides the structural support for the face. With time and gravity, it ultimately stretches and descends and needs to be repositioned and tightened back to its original position. Following the tightening of the SMAS, Dr. Larson then redrapes the skin in a way that provides a natural, more youthful appearance.
  • Deep Plane Facelift: The deep plane facelift is similar to the SMAS facelift, with a few key differences. While the SMAS facelift lifts the SMAS back to its original position, the deep plane facelift goes below the SMAS layer to address a wider area of laxity. The deep plane also releases ligaments that anchor the SMAS layer down, allowing the tissue to be lifted and resuspended in a dramatic fashion. This results in a more substantial lift that provides natural-results that last longer than a traditional facelift.
  • Mini Facelift: This is a modified version of a full facelift procedure. A mini facelift is a great way to be proactive and address the early signs of aging. It uses shorter incisions than a typical facelift, and can be a great option for patients who have mild laxity. This procedure is often combined with adjuvant skin tightening procedures to further elevate the results. Dr. Larson performs the mini facelift with limited incisions that are shorter than a traditional facelift, but still allows him to manipulate the skin and tissue with a high degree of precision. The mini facelift is ideal for those with limited laxity in the lower face and neck. For patients with more extensive aging and more excess skin, a full facelift option is often best. These incisions, although longer, are well hidden and difficult to see.
  • Revision Facelift: If you’ve had a previous facelift operation, but are unsatisfied with your result, a revision facelift can improve your result. Dr. Larson takes a very individualized approach to address the problems with your initial facelift. Sometimes not enough skin was removed during the initial facelift, or the structural underlying tissue of the face (SMAS/facial muscles) was not properly addressed. Other problems include poor scarring, asymmetry, pulled earlobes, or other contour abnormalities. During your consultation, Dr. Larson will provide you with a comprehensive plan that addresses your areas of concern.
  • Mid-face Lift: Also known as a cheek lift, this procedure tightens the skin from the upper mouth to the eye area. A mid-face lift is great for targeting hollowed cheekbones and bags that develop under the eyes as one ages by repositioning fat pads in the cheeks over the cheek bones while tightening the skin in the area. Contact the office to learn more about all of our facelift options.

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One of the first places that start showing signs of aging is the neck. These signs include wrinkles and sagging skin, which can make you appear older than you actually are. Whether your neck is affected by age, genetics, the pull of gravity, or sun damage, Larson Aesthetics can help you restore it to give you a more youthful, natural looking appearance.

Also known as neck liposuction or chin liposuction, this facial cosmetic procedure helps to reduce the appearance of fat under the chin and neck by targeting pockets of excess fat around the jawline and neckline. The procedure can often be performed in-office using only local numbing medicine, but can also be performed as an adjuvant or standalone option in the surgery center using anesthesia. Using a few tiny incisions hidden under the earlobes and in the middle of the chin, a small cannula is inserted underneath the skin and gentle suction applied to remove the excess fat and better define the jawline. This procedure can be a good option for patients with good skin tone without laxity, who have isolated excess fat in their neck.

Over time, eyelids stretch and the muscles supporting them weaken, causing excess skin and fat to gather above or below the eyelids. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery, can improve the appearance of droopy, sagging eyelids and/or remove under-eye bags. This procedure can involve removing excess skin, muscle, and fat from the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. In addition to addressing the signs of aging, blepharoplasty can help to reduce vision problems caused by severely sagging skin around the eyes.

A brow lift focuses on the forehead and eyebrows to give you a refreshed look. This surgical procedure can remove or alter the muscles of the eyes to correct drooping brows and improve the horizontal lines and furrows that can make one appear angry, sad, or tired.

This surgical procedure shortens the space between the nose and the top of the lip. Over time, the top lip can begin to sag or even roll inwards toward the teeth, making the entire face appear older. A lip lift can elevate the top lip and enhance the appearance of the face. Unlike lip fillers, the procedure is permanent. An upper lip lift shortens and improves the distance between the top lip and the nose, pulling up the lip to show more of the teeth, while a corner lip lift can help permanent frowning. Dr. Larson uses only local numbing medicine for the procedure, which can be performed in-office or added to another facial procedure.

  • Lip Reduction: While most clients desire fuller lips, some patients struggle with lips that are too large, asymmetric, or unbalanced. Dr. Larson meticulously reduces excess volume in the lips, corrects lips that are asymmetric, or those that present with different fullness in the top and bottom lip. This procedure is often performed in-office using local anesthesia.

This procedure is a great way to improve chin definition. By changing the size and shape of the chin, your appearance can be improved by bringing your facial features into a more harmonious balance. Chin augmentation enhances the size and shape of the chin, achieving a more proportionate and balanced chin that complements the nose and rest of the face. Dr. Larson can help to either augment the chin non-surgically with injectables like dermal fillers, or he can help you to select the best chin implant in line with your aesthetic goals.

Losing volume around the eyes, cheeks, and other parts of the face can make you look more tired and older than you feel. You can change this by filling problem areas with small injections of your own fat. For this procedure, your fat is collected using liposuction in areas you have excess fat like the thighs. The fat is then purified and carefully injected where needed. This procedure is effective for filling deep facial lines, sunken cheeks, sunken eyes, descended brows, nasolabial fold, deflated lips, and the hollow crease in front of the jowls. 

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a procedure that corrects ear deformities, injuries and aesthetic concerns. Ear surgery can treat protruding ears, pointy ears, sagging earlobes, cleft earlobes, and other ear deformities. The procedure can improve ear symmetry, reshape ears that stick out, and create more facial harmony. Dr. Larson performs ear surgery on adults as well as children as young as 5 years old with parental consent, which can help reduce teasing or bullying for school-aged children.

If you’ve received rhinoplasty (a nose job) and are unhappy with your results, Larson Aesthetics can work with you to revise this procedure and give you the results you’ve been wanting all along. Rhinoplasty revision surgery is performed for patients that have previously undergone rhinoplasty and need a revision or correction. Contact the office for more information.


Also known as breast enlargement, breast augmentation is a procedure that enlarges the breasts with silicone or saline breast implants. Patients choose to get a breast augmentation for a variety of reasons including balancing asymmetrical breasts, restoring volume after breastfeeding, pregnancy, or weight loss, enlarging naturally small breasts, and improving confidence. In order to help you make the best decision for yourself when it comes to breast augmentation surgery, please contact the office.

  • Breast Augmentation with Lift: If breast sagging is a main concern of yours, you may want to consider having a breast augmentation in combination with a breast lift. During this procedure, you’ll be able to reduce signs of aging for your breasts, as well as enhance breast size and shape with a single surgery.

Breast sagging is inevitable. As the skin ages, it loses elasticity, and weight changes and breast feeding can speed up this process as well. A breast lift can rejuvenate sagging breasts by removing excess skin and elevating and reshaping breast tissue; it does not make the breasts larger like breast augmentation.

Having large breasts can limit your quality of life and can often be uncomfortable. Breast reduction is a procedure that reduces the size and weight of the breasts by removing breast tissue, fat, and stretched skin. Breast reductions can help to relieve physical problems such as back pain and neck pain, as well as improve upper and lower body proportions.

This is a breast implant removal surgery for those who have decided to move on from their implants or have to get them removed for medical reasons. During this procedure, breast implants are removed along with any scar tissue around the implants.

There are many reasons why a woman will choose to have her breast implants removed. These range from unhappiness with the look and feel of the implants, rupture of the implants, capsular contracture, or a medical reason such as concern over Breast Implant Illness. Dr. Larson can perform a procedure to remove the entire implant and its capsule at once, which is known as en bloc capsulectomy. The goal for this operation is to achieve a very natural-looking return to the patient’s previous breast size and shape. The implants can usually be removed through the same incision as was used for augmentation, therefore requiring no additional scars. In certain cases, the breasts will sag after the implants are removed. To address this, Dr. Larson can perform a breast lift at the same time as the en bloc removal, and can also perform additional adjuvant procedures such as fat transfer or liposuction to achieve the best possible result.

This procedure is performed after a breast enhancement procedure, such as a breast augmentation or a breast lift, to enhance, update, or correct breast size and shape. If you have been disappointed with your results obtained from another practice, need to correct complications, replace a leaking or ruptured implant, or exchange your breast implants for a different type or size, this procedure may be for you. Breast revision includes correcting complications from a previous breast surgery, or improving changes that have occurred over time or due to pregnancy, nursing, and age-related changes. A breast revision may include removing and/or replacing the breast implant, removing excess scar tissue (capsulectomy), pocket exchange and/or breast lift (mastopexy). Dr. Larson not only has significant experience, but also specializes in this area.Contact the office to learn more and schedule a consultation.

If you’d like a less invasive approach to a breast augmentation, this procedure is for you. A fat transfer breast augmentation uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body to inject into your breasts. This is a great option for women who are looking for a small increase in breast size and want natural looking results.

The size and shape of your areola can change with aging, weight change, genetics, and pregnancy, contributing greatly to the overall appearance of your breasts. In order to improve their shape so they appear more balanced, your areola and nipples can be modified and reduced in size with this procedure.

Inverted nipples are either present at birth, or can arise later in life due to injury, breastfeeding, or disease. Inverted nipple repair is an in-office procedure to release the nipples and allow them to project outwards. The procedure can be performed in-office using local anesthesia, or combined with other procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or mommy makeover.

This procedure is for patients who have previously had a prior procedure and may require revisionary surgery or additional procedures to alleviate pain, improve appearance, correct deformities, and provide better symmetry. Contact our office for more information.


A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the best surgical procedure for the removal of excess abdominal skin and tissue that diet and exercise cannot address alone. This procedure may also include surgical tightening of the abdominal muscles that are commonly separated as a result of pregnancy or fluctuations in weight. Common reasons for this procedure include pregnancy, sagging/excess skin, previous surgeries, and excessive weight loss.

Liposuction is a procedure that can help remove unwanted fat from specific areas on your body. If you’ve tried dieting and exercising but still can’t seem to shake off the excess fat, this procedure may be for you. Areas that can be treated include the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, and neck.

Liposculpture, an advanced body contouring technique offered at Larson Aesthetics, goes beyond traditional liposuction by artfully sculpting and reshaping your body contours. This procedure targets localized fat deposits, refining and defining areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, and more. Utilizing precise and gentle techniques, our board-certified plastic surgeon, John Larson, MD, customizes each liposculpture procedure to harmonize with your unique anatomy, helping you achieve a smoother, more sculpted appearance. Experience a tailored approach that accentuates your natural beauty and contours, allowing you to step confidently towards a refined silhouette.

Having children can dramatically alter the shape and appearance of your body, especially in the breasts, hips, and abdomen. This surgery is a combination of breast enhancement and body contouring procedures performed at the same time to tighten, tone, and reshape specific areas of your body. While you don’t have to be a mom to have a mommy makeover, this procedure is often used to correct the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding on a woman’s body. By having the procedures performed together, you can improve multiple areas with a single surgery and recovery period.

If you are experiencing emotional or physical discomfort due to the size or appearance of your labia minora, you may be considering labiaplasty. Some women may have labia minora that are naturally elongated or uneven; others experience stretching and damage from childbirth or intercourse. Many women choose labiaplasty as part of a mommy makeover. This surgical procedure can remove excess tissue from the inner vaginal lips, or labia minora. Labiaplasty does not repair or tighten the vagina (vaginal canal). It is an elective surgery that women choose for both functional and cosmetic improvements to the inner labia (labia minora), which include:

  • Shortening inner labia that extend beyond the outer labia (labia majora)
  • Correcting asymmetry between the labia
  • Treating physical discomfort
  • Relieving self-consciousness in fitted clothing and intimate situations
  • Alleviating discomfort during sex

Major weight loss often has unwanted side effects that need a little extra taking care of. If you have excess skin after weight loss, you may be considering a body lift. This procedure can improve the shape and tone of your body. Excess sagging skin and fat are removed and dimpled, irregular skin will be smoothed. You may choose to have a body lift procedure done in your abdominal area, buttocks, or thigh region. In cases where skin elasticity is poor, body lift techniques alone with liposuction may be recommended to you. Contact our office to schedule a consultation so we can help you with your weight loss journey.

A back lift, or torsoplasty, is a surgical procedure that focuses on re-contouring and tightening the back by removing excess skin and fat. This procedure can also help to address the bulging areas above and below the bra line that can be troublesome for some women. Many people elect to have this procedure done following weight loss.

  • Bra Roll Reduction: This minimally invasive procedure utilizes liposuction to target unwanted deposits of fat around the upper and mid back, the armpits, and the sides and front of the torso.

The sagging of upper arms is a natural result of weight loss and the aging process. Instead of limiting yourself to long sleeves, try getting an arm lift procedure. If you are at a stable, healthy weight and are bothered by lax, sagging skin on your upper arms, you could be a good candidate for this procedure. An arm lift can increase your confidence when your arms are exposed. Liposuction can be combined with this procedure to reduce any pockets of excess fat.

Whether it’s to regain confidence after weight loss or reduce excess skin for aging, patients choose to undergo a thigh lift for many reasons. A thigh lift is not just a cosmetic procedure, it’s a path to improved well-being. This transformative procedure can help you achieve firmer and smoother thighs, making everyday activities more enjoyable and clothing choices more versatile. A thigh lift can help to reduce excess skin and return your legs to a smoother, more youthful state. This procedure can be combined with others such as abdominoplasty, or included in a mommy makeover to create a more balanced look throughout your lower body.

This transformative procedure has the ability to elevate and redefine your curves while enhancing volume through two methods:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): With fat grafting, we can utilize your own body’s resources to create a fuller, rounder appearance so you can embrace the curves you’ve always desired. This procedure is often combined with a thigh lift.
  • Butt Implants: By using silicon implants, permanent volume can be added to your buttocks to sculpt a more contoured look. Contact our office to learn more about this procedure and see if you’re a good candidate.

Also known as liposculpting, this cosmetic procedure is a fat redistribution surgery that suctions fat from one area of your body and injects it into another to provide a more contoured silhouette.

Lipedema is a painful disease in which fat accumulates in the buttocks, thighs, calves, and sometimes the upper arms. Relief from these symptoms can be found through specialized fat removal surgery. Lipedema involves the excess deposit and expansion of fat cells in an unusual, particular pattern usually from the waist to just above the ankles. While there is not a cure, liposuction can remove the excess fat to alleviate the discomfort that comes with this condition. Dr. Larson performs his high volume Lipedema surgery cases in a hospital setting with an overnight stay when the liposuction volume is over 5 liters. In cases where the expected volume is less than 5 Liters, the procedure is performed in a fully accredited surgical center. Please contact our office to learn more about Lipedema Surgery.


Botox® is a fairly common and painless treatment that works to prevent nerves from communicating with muscles and can rejuvenate the face by smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

Botox® can treat:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes
  • Lipstick lines around the mouth

At Larson Aesthetics, we carry Juvederm® and Restylane® dermal fillers to help you look as good as you feel. If you’d like to achieve and maintain a young, rejuvenated look, our injectable treatments can reduce signs of aging and bring out the best in your natural facial features. We recommend using fillers to treat the following concerns:

  • Cheeks that have lost volume or lack definition
  • Thin or deflated lips
  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Tear troughs
  • Temporal hollowing
  • Deep wrinkles

Lip augmentation, whether with fillers or fat transfer, improves the volume of the lips. Often with age, the lips begin to lose their volume, becoming thin and wrinkled. Using injectable hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, Dr. Larson augments the lips in-office using a tiny syringe. Lip fillers are also excellent for reducing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. For a more permanent solution, Dr. Larson uses fat transfer techniques. Fat is harvested from a donor area such as the belly, flank, hips, or thighs using liposuction. The fat is then purified and injected into the area that lacks volume, such as the lips, cheeks, temples or other facial area. This option can be great for patients who would prefer a more natural route to achieve fuller, more luscious lips.

Not everyone is ready for plastic surgery. That is why we offer a minimally invasive procedure to rejuvenate sagging skin and facial tissues using the body’s natural healing processes. A PDO (for polydioxanone) thread lift is a minimally invasive facelift alternative that elevates facial tissues and skin with dissolvable threads inserted beneath the skin with a specialized needle. In addition to raising tissues and tightening the skin, the threads boost collagen production as they gradually dissolve to increase the skin’s firmness and thickness.

A thread lift can be used to rejuvenate any of the following areas:

  • Brows
  • Forehead
  • Mid-face, including cheeks and smile lines
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Radiant Laser Facial: This is a non-invasive laser procedure that stimulates collagen production, corrects and prevents breakouts, treats rosacea and redness, and targets age spots with no downtime. 30min
  • NaturaPeel Skin Detox Facial: A gentle cleanse and detox for an instant radiant look. It’s a combination of laser and an active bamboo mask, provides a fast and gentle peel for the stimulation of collagen and elastin, contraction of pores, and maintaining the youthful glow and smooth skin you are seeking with no downtime. 60min
  • CoolPeel Fractional Facial: CoolPeel is a brand new way to safely and comfortably deliver the benefits of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment to improve wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and other blemishes as well as tighten skin and balance tone with minimal down time. 60min
  • DEKA Fractional CO2 Facial: Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment improves wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and other blemishes as well as tighten skin and balance tone. Damaged skin tissue is removed, stimulating new collagen production as heat energy is delivered to tighten the skin. 60min
  • PicoSure Pro Platinum Facial: FDA-Cleared for treatment of melasma pigment, nevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus. Skin revitalizing treatment in picoseconds with the delivery so quick that it spares the skin from high thermal damage while optimally targeting unwanted pigment, wrinkles, acne scars and pore sizes with no downtime.
  • Fat transfer to scalp (stem cell grafting): When fat is injected into a specific layer of the scalp, it can help to improve hair regeneration including follicle growth and thickness. This fat transfer hair treatment method uses stem cells and fat cells removed from areas of unwanted or excess body fat (abdomen, thighs, knees, tummy) to help prevent permanent hair loss. This treatment is ideal for patients who are suffering from thinning hair, not significant hair loss.
  • Neograft Hair Transplantation: NeoGraft is the first FDA-approved automated medical device for hair restoration. It facilitates the harvesting of follicles during a follicular unit extraction (FUE). This minimally invasive procedure involves individual hair follicles being extracted from the back of the scalp with the NeoGraft machine and then implanted into areas where hair loss has occurred. With little downtime, patients can usually resume normal activity within 48 hours excluding strenuous exercise. When pursuing this procedure, it’s best to set up a consultation with Dr. Larson to ensure you are a good candidate for NeoGraft and to see how many grafts you would need in order to get the best results. This treatment is ideal for patients who are suffering from significant hair loss.